Why book a professional wedding photographer for your wedding?

So why should you book a professional photographer for your wedding?

If that is a question you are asking yourself you are quite possibly considering using a friend with a nice camera.

Let me share with you an analogy. A photographer was invited to a friends house for dinner. The friend said ‘could you bring some of your recent work over to show me. I love your work’.

The photographer did so. After enthusing about the lovely images the friend said ‘Wow, they are fantastic pictures. You must have a GREAT camera’.

The photographer just smiled and sat down to dinner. The dinner was fabulous. Not a scrap was left and the presentations and taste was superb.

At the end of the meal the photographer smiled and said ‘Thank you. That was a fabulous dinner. You really must have a GREAT set of pots and pans’.

What a lovely way to make a point don’t you think?

I could give you a hundred different reasons why you should only book a professional photographer for your wedding but will keep it to a few valuable pointers.

Firstly I completely agree that digital cameras have opened up photography to people who never would have had the confidence to take pictures.

When photographs were taken on film the attitude of non-professionals was that you had to know what you were doing to guarantee results.

Now, with digital cameras, people have a new found confidence as they can look at the back of the camera and satisfy themselves that they have got something. And of course, you can always take hundreds of pictures and delete all the ones that you don’t like can’t you?
Whether taking pictures on film or digitally the very most important aspect to consider is the lighting. Some people will say that it is down to composition, posing, expression , space but think about this. Take away all the other elements or get them slightly wrong and you still have an image. Right?

Take away 100 per cent of the light in an image and you have no image. You have a black rectangle on the back of your camera. If you can even see it!

Get the lighting wrong and you have a compromised image both in quality and how it will flatter the subject.

Most untrained photographers don’t give this enough consideration. Sadly many working professionals don’t give it as much consideration as they should either.

Ok so that is one consideration.

A second is one that most people would not even consider. I became even more aware of how much of a problem this one is when I received a phone call from a wedding coordinator at one of my local wedding venues. She asked if I could supply them with a new album as she was ‘fed up of working with people that didn’t know what they were doing and  had no respect for the timings on the day’. She wanted to make sure that professionals such as myself would get more work at their venue as it is easier to work with people who understand how weddings are a cooperation between a team of people. These include the kitchen, wedding coordinator (occasionally a toastmaster) and photographer.

At another venue where I receive recommendations the owner (a Lord no less) physically chased the so called ‘photographer’ off the grounds after they made the day run so late that the meal got spoilt. Neither of these are isolated incidents.
You would not book an unprofessional unqualified driver to drive you to the church would you? So why oh why would you trust the memories of your most important day to an unqualified, unprofessional photographer (probably uninsured and without an appropraite set of backup equipment)?

I will continue in a second posting about why to book a professional photographer on another page.

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